Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0 280 Q4 – Geneva Motor Show 2018

Optically, the Stelvio with its two-liter turbo gasoline direct injection looks even more sporty and aggressive. And it confirms this impression since the first throttle. Even in the driving normal. But when you turn the rotary switch to “d” in the sports program, then it almost transforms. Like a stretched string waiting to open the fingers.

Then, the happy junction of a very powerful engine, with 280 PS and 40.8 kgm of torque, an excellent eight-speed automatic gearbox and very fast four-wheel drive, allows Stelvio to launch in almost unexpected ways. The truth is I was a bit skeptical about the factory figures.

The 5.7 “for 0-100 km / h is a very good number to be true. But I was scorned. Our “own” Stelvio made 5.9 “time, with the engine being relatively tight and the temperature reaching 30 oC. The two-liter turbo is full in the full range of operation, the gearbox ratios are well-stacked and the changes are overwhelming. Although in theory it is the same ZF gearbox that supplies BMW, the programming that Alfa Romeo has itself made is to be congratulated.

On the motorway, Stelvio travels with certainty and speed. It is funny to mention it. However, it should be noted that from 140 km / h and above, the exterior mirrors bring enough noise to the cabin. On the other hand, the steering wheel despite being too “short” is not at all nervous about the straight.

It is the same wheel that the slogan of the “attack” will give the first of the streets of the region. An excellent mediator between your hands and the front system, translates promptly and accurately every movement. They are not good at feeling, but weight is as much as you need to feel confident.