A planet larger than Earth was found and can host extraterrestrial life

A bigger Earth with an atmosphere was able to locate the scientists, which is probably made of stone. The Planet K2-18b, as they have already called it, wanders around a star-dwarf and even within the zone where life can develop.

Something that has made the scientific community suppose that its conditions are almost ideal for life support. Alien life! The remote exoplanet is outside our solar system, of course, its similarities to Earth are nevertheless impressive.

It also turns away from his own sun that can accommodate life, water on its surface, that is, from where everything begins. The astronomical discovery was made by researchers from the University of Texas and Montreal, who saw that a neighboring planet of the K2-18b (K2-18c) might also be a second “supernatural”, as they call it due to similarities with our planet.

Both planets are orbiting the red dwarf K2-18 When the new WebSpace Telescope (NASA) spacecraft launches in 2019, the K2-18b will turn its lenses for the first time …