9 sec video shows Assad in a suit and tie entering a building after US bombings

The Syrian Presidency uploaded a video depicting President Bashar al-Assad going to work today, hours after the US-led raid in Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack. The video, which was posted to the Telegram’s presidential account, portrays Assad with a suit and tie to hold a briefcase as he walks to the marble entrance of a building.

Assad does not speak during the video, which takes 9 seconds.

In addition, the Associated Press broadcasts from Damascus that hundreds of Syrians are now gathering in large squares of the Syrian capital, making their fingers the mark of victory and holding Syrian flags to show that they are defying the air raids that took place in overnight from the US, France and the UK.

Immediately after the attack, hundreds of residents began gathering in the Omeiad Square in the Syrian capital. Many held Syrian, Russian and Iranian flags. Some clapped and danced, others were driving their cars into a phalanx.

Syrian state television, according to the Athens News Agency, broadcast directly from the square, where there was a large crowd of citizens along with men in uniforms. Among the crowd was an actor, MPs and other personalities, as the Associated Press broadcasts. “Good morning determination,” one presenter said.