7-year-old in Pakistan was raped and killed






The girl’s body was found last Tuesday in a rubbish bin in Kasur, eastern Pakistan, four days after her disappearance was declared. It was found that the child had been raped before been assassinated. By listening to the terrible affair, reactions broke out, with people demonstrating in many cities in Pakistan, as it is the 12th victim of similar brutality within a year.

Two people were killed during the protests when police tried to prevent a crowd trying to attack a police station. The citizens of Pakistan complain that the Authorities are doing nothing to investigate similar cases, with child victims.






In the Punjabi province, where the horrific crime occurred, large police forces from across the country have been assembled, as well as an army to control the situation. According to police sources cited by Reuters, a total of 26 people have been charged and questioned about the 7-year case, including two relatives.

Note that when the little girl was abducted, her parents were out of town and returned hurriedly when her absence was noticed.