6,500 internet users bought a fairytale castle!

Thousands of people joined forces in a crowdfunding effort to save a 13th-century castle in France.The Mothe-Chandeniers castle in western France’s Les Trois-Moutiers has been through difficult times.

It was captured twice by the English, almost destroyed in the French Revolution and later damaged by fire in the 1930s. But there were 6,500 internet users who donated at least 51 euros each, bringing together a total of 500,000 euros to buy and restore the stunning castle.

All donors are now owners of the castle, which was purchased on December 1 from Dartagnans.fr. The site is specialized in the protection of cultural heritage and, together with Adopt a Castle, implemented the campaign to raise money.

“Two years ago we put a crazy bet” the organizers wrote on the page opened on Facebook to promote their efforts. “Love for the legacy triumphed4 and the beautiful adventure begins now!”

More than 6,500 people of 45 nationalities from around the world own a part of the castle. The co-owners will be the first to visit it in 2018 and then proceed on how to make the rehabilitation. They will be able to monitor the process through a collaborative online platform.