$500,000 spent a 25-year-old to look like Kim Kardassian

Jennifer Pamplona from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a great admirer of Kim Kardassian and did not hesitate to spend $ 500,000 in plastic surgery to look like her favourite model.

She has removed 4 ribs, 2 breasts surgeries, 2 rhinoplast surgeries, liposuctions and 4 injections in the buttocks, saying she is not finished after thinking about getting back to the surgical table to raise them, although doctors do not recommend it.

The 25-year-old, according to the Daily Mail, says she was very happy with her choice and did not even hurt the fact that after a plastic she made in Turkey she could not even smile!

“After all the surgeries I am very happy. Sometimes, I think that all this money I could spend could be in my bank account, but at the same time I’m happy, “said the 25-year-old from Brazil.

“When you are not feeling well with yourself, you will never be successful. Now, I love myself and I am delighted with what I see in the mirror. If it was definitely needed, I would have done everything from scratch, but now I know it’s time to concentrate on my career and my work, “he added.

I wanted my face to look more like that of Kim Kardassian’s. When I woke up, the nose I saw was the nicest nose I’d ever seen. It looks very natural, Now, my body is more feminine and not girlish, “she continued.

Jennifer Pamplona says she feels nice and comfortable either posing with clothes or posing naked, covered only with body painting. She recently launched a scent and a chocolate and wants to prove to women that they can be both sexy and successful just like her.