5 Video Games Now Available on Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR Headset

The world is about to experience a whole new meaning to “living in our heads”; chances are, we’ll want to live no other way after Oculus Rift was launched on March 28. Wondering why? Well, because it’s accompanied with 30 games titles compatible with this kick-a*s VR headset! Here are 5 of the most awesome games you can now play with Oculus Rift:

EVE: Valkyrie

If you’ve pre-order the headset, you might’ve probably finished this game by now, since you got it for free! The game takes place in the online universe of EVE, and is a virtual dream come true for Star Wars fans. EVE: Valkyrie starts with you in the cockpit, then launches you into the void to challenge other to dogfights. You’ll probably be venting lots of suppressed anger with this one…

Dead and Buried

Think Wild West and ghoulish fantasy mash up. Dead and Buried is a world of gunslingers and ghosts, but one feature about it is pretty unnerving. Touch tracks your hand movements so accurately, it’ll be difficult for you to focus on the actual gameplay instead of flailing around your arms like an idiot and watching them in VR. But no one’s judging. We’re all gonna do that.


Introducing the first RPG on Oculus Rift. *queue loud applause* This will be a wonder for all the history and fantasy fanatics out there. It also has a weirdly good gameplay; every time you die you age a year, and the skills and abilities you can acquire in game also change! Also, Chronos seems inspired by the ‘Dark Souls’ series… so good luck winning; just don’t beat yourself up if you don’t!


Adrift comes for VR and non-VR games. It’s a first person game set in a destroyed spaceship. Your character has no recollection of how he got there and why the ship’s a wreck. Think “Gravity” and you’ll know what the game’s like.


All horror video game fans out there, this one’s for you! Dreadhalls is the first ever horror game to be available on Oculus Rift and proves that a change of ‘perspective’ does a lot to the level of fear you may experience. The game takes place in a dungeon, where you wake up with all sorts of monsters and ghouls. You’ll have to solve puzzles to escape… just try not to have a heart attack.