410,000 Volkswagen cars are revoked

German automaker Volkswagen announced it will revoke over 220,000 next-generation Polo vehicles over the next few weeks due to a problem with the rear seat belts. For the same reason, 191,000 Seat vehicles (Ibiza 2017 and 18 and 2020 Arona) will also be recalled.

The company advised the owners of such vehicles not to use the middle seat in the rear seat because in some rare cases, for example when changing sharply, having five faces in the car, the belts can be released on their own.

“As security remains our top priority, we have devised a technical solution: a redesigned zone lock that will prevent this possibility,” she said in her statement.

The company will communicate with its customers as soon as possible. He clarified that, with the exception of this problem with the belts, they can continue to drive their vehicles safely.