41-year-old will use her dead mother’s ashes for turkey stuffing

Her intention to eat her mother’ ashes on Christmas, Debra Parsons revealed.

The 41-year-old has decided to shed her mother’s ashes who died last May as turkey stuffing.

As she explains: “People may think I’m crazy or believe this act is disrespectful. But it’s the perfect way to get closer to my mother this Christmas that we can not be together. I feel she can continue to live in me. Because if it is a piece of me, it can breathe in my body. My breath is her breath. ”

Debra Parsons also referred to her idea of ​​… making use of her mother’s ashes. “At first I had them in a plastic sachet and then put them in a box. One day I had a strong desire to try them out. I opened the box and put my fingers in. The flavor was really salty. I felt strange, but then I felt so close to my mother that I overcame it. “