More than 400,000 fans demand Ramos punishment for Shalah injury

He won another Champions League final. He took the mug as leader and lifted it up in the air. He has succumbed to the champagne of success. He also got a good bonus. What else does one need to be happy?

Just 24 hours after the Champions League’s grand final, more than 400,000 signatures have already been gathered, with one single request. The punishment of the “Indian”, like his nickname, who, apparently unwillingly, judged the outcome of the fight largely by putting out the best “red” player and the permanent source of danger for the first 19 minutes of great match for Real Madrid.

The organizers of the “movement” on the Internet started with a simple question. Should the Spanish defender be punished or not? The participation surpassed all expectations, as over a minimum period, more than 400,000 “yes” made their appearance.

The “resolution” is simple and is addressed to UEFA and FIFA. “To be punished by the video by Sergio Ramos”.

The reactions are so great that an Egyptian lawyer is seeking compensation of one billion euros from Ramos if Shahlah does not get ready for the World Cup to start in a few days on Russia’s stadiums. Speaking on television, Bassem Wahba argued that the action of the Spanish “Queen” defenseman was intentional and should be punished.

At that time, the great movement against Ramos began, with more than 400,000 signatures being recorded 48 hours after the final.

In his post on Twitter, Sergio Ramos did not show any remorse, writing that your football sometimes shows his good and sometimes bad face and that “above all, we are colleagues” with the Egyptian aggressor, to whom, however, he wished good recovery.