3D printed house that will give shelter to those who lack

Now we can print virtually everything with 3D printers, although they do not all have social and humanitarian criteria in mind. As the first of its kind, Icon 3D-Printed House was born out of the need of some to provide shelter to 1 billion people who do not have a permanent home.

It was a joint effort of ICON with the non-governmental organization New Story that made it all, a portable three-dimensional printer that is called Vulcan, which not only can deliver 75 square meters in less than 24 hours but also does it in fractions of traditional costs. Some $ 4,000 costs a ready-made houses from Vulcan’s hands.

The home was presented very recently, in March 2018, in Austin, Texas, and the printer is now packaged for the developing world. And it will not just provide housing to those who do not have it, but also jobs at the local level.