13-year-old becomes the youngest dad in the world. DNA test, however, proved something more shocking


Alfie Patten, 13, became daddy. His daughter, Maisie Roxanne, was born weighing 3.5 pounds. “It was a crazy moment,” Alfie said. “When I held Maisie for the first time, it was amazing. I was very young to understand the consequences of being a dad, but I loved to keep it and I loved her right away. ” Mother, Chantelle Stedman, was only 15 years old when Maisie was born. Almost immediately, Alfie became known as “the youngest father of Britain”. Suddenly, the media did not leave him alone.

“The attention I drew was incredible,” Alfie said. Wherever I went, people recognized me. I could not leave the house for weeks. I had to leave school. ” The media wrote about the idea that someone so young and naive could not raise a child. When a reporter asked Alfie if he could secure the baby financially, he replied: “What is financial?” Of course, the media spread throughout the United Kingdom, talking about how a 13-year-old who did not know what it means “financially” could take on the responsibility of a human life.

Meanwhile, Alfie’s mother, Nicola, was crushed. But most importantly, she was suspicious. After all, Alfie was young when Maisie was born and his voice was not even broken. “When I tried to talk to him about exactly ¬†how it should happen, he seemed lost,” Nicola said. So Nicola pushed him into a paternity test. She had the feeling that Maisie could not be her son’s daughter and that two other boys in the neighborhood had already claimed that they might possibly be the fathers. She felt that something was wrong with this case and wanted to get it to the end. And it turned out that Alfie was not the father. He collapsed.

“I was crying for days and not going out of my room,” said Alfie. “To make things worse, I’ve never seen Maisie ever since Chantelle and her family were away as soon as they were not daddy.” Another boy from the neighborhood, Tyler Barker, who was 13 at the time of the arrest. He admitted losing his virginity to Chantelle, a night he had drunk. “Sexual contact with her was the worst mistake I made in my life,” Tyler said. “I wish I had never met her. She had asked me a few times, but I continued to ignore her,” Tyler explained. “It was a routine for the boys to fall with her on the bed. But I only slept with her once. ”

And, as we all know, only once is enough to leave a pregnant girl. And so, Tyler became a father at the age of 14. When this scandalous story became famous, many people across the UK used it as an example of bad sex education. None of the potential fathers had used contraception. “I had not used any contraception, but Chantelle had told me I would get a pill the next morning,” Tyler said. “I thought she would take care of it.”

While Tyler was forced to grow up overnight and take on the role of father, Alfie was disappointed that he was not the father. But Alfie had to overcome it. he said. “The family helped. friends helped. ” Tyler’s friends, in the meantime, were not that helpful. “All my friends tease me, but it’s not funny,” he said. Nicola and Alfie’s father, Dennis, were condemned to raise their children. Many people said they took advantage of their little son’s hardship. “We were not in it for the money,” said Nicola. “I did not get a penny of these articles, nor did I remember the interviews and how people came here to talk to us.”