Zookeepers Imitate Chris Pratt’s Dinosaur-Whispering Technique

Jurassic World is the season’s biggest and hottest blockbuster.

The reboot has also broken global box office record, grossing more than half billion dollars world-wide in a single weekend.

But now Jurassic fever has even spread to zoological parks, with zookeepers practicing the amazing techniques they have learned from “dinosaur-whisperer” Chris Pratt.

Twitter is loaded with videos of zookeepers’ taming animals with magical touch.

It’s recreating that incredulous moment when Chris was waving his hands at a pack of those fearsome velociraptors, somehow miraculously training them without much of a sweat.

#Prattkeeping and #CleverGirls are two of the best mimicry.

Meanwhile, aside from signing on for more Jurassic movies, Chris and Jennifer Lawrence will be teaming up in a grand space romance. The two will be appearing in a new movie entitled, Passengers. It’s going to be an epic space drama, with the story first featuring a large space craft that’s about to transport thousands of people to another space colony. But due to technical problem, one of the passengers prematurely woke up. Unable to bear the loneliness of his solitary existence, he made up his mind to wake up another space passenger.

The movie has a budget of $150M, with Jennifer set to receive $20M while Pratt will be getting $12M.
Some say that the new sci-fi project is a risk for Sony, with other sci-fi films not making much money recently just ike Tomorrowland although it starred one of the world’s renowned actors Gorge Clooney.
But Sony is crossing its fingers. Jennifer’s performance at the Hunger Games series has been stellar. And Chris has quite a number of successful films ion his record, including Jurassic World.

Passengers may be able to follow the successful, sentimental trail of the movie Gravity which starred Sandra Bullock.