World’s shocking video of a disable girl’s group rape

Shock around the world has caused amateur mobile video with group rape of an 18-year-old disabled girl  on a bus in Morocco.
The video shows three young men to undress the unfortunate girl, punching her and then raping her while she screams for help.

The most tragic of all is that the incident occurred on a moving bus, with the driver not stopping and the other passengers not to help.
Six men were arrested by the Moroccan authorities as suspected of raping the girl, while heavy accusations are expected.

This incident was widely condemned by the Moroccans, in particular following a recent increase in rape cases in the North African country and an increase in crime rates.
Indeed, mass protests broke out in most Moroccan cities on Tuesday after widespread indignation in social media.

Agadir, Casablanca and Rabat denounced incidents of violence against women and sexual assaults, while activists continue their protests.

Watch the shocking video

World’s shocking video of a disable girl’s… από annatatamidou