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World Commemorates Suicide Prevention Day On September 10

Suicide rates have been increasing through time. With that said, the stigma that goes with this act has been haunting many family members of troubled individuals. And because of the alarming statistics of people who inflict harm on themselves, September has been set as the suicide prevention month. For experts concerned in this issue, they are definitely supporting the activities that are scheduled for this month because they need to take a leap towards a mentally healthier people in the years to come.

According to statistics, 100 people commit suicide in a day. Quite an alarming number, right? What is more troubling is that this rate only tallies those who succeeded in their plans. There are some other people who tried but did not make it to their demise. As per the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is among the top 10 killers in the United States.

President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Dr. Mark Pollack, said that several studies have proven that those people with anxiety disorders and depression are more likely to hurt themselves. When both anxiety and depression are present in a person then this would be the perfect combination for suicide. Dr. Pollack believes that intervening during a person’s depressive moments could be the best way to prevent such harm.

Experts say that through time, depression has been seen as a stigma rather than a personal struggle. The scholars in this field think that people must be well educated about these disorders; that it is a product of the brain’s response to stimuli and not a slur in a person’s mind. Understanding all the facts about depression and anxiety can help prevent any suicidal attempts. With the help of family members, a decrease in the number of suicide cases will certainly become evident in years to come.