You won’t believe what he found behind this armchair’s pillow

Oli Lansley is 34-year-old from London. Like many Londoners, he’s also shopping in open-air markets and antique markets. One day he discovered a vintage leather armchair and he liked it a lot. So he bought her and went to his house.

While scrubbing the armchair, Oli, discovered that his new chair was hiding a surprise. Beneath the pillow there was an old album full of photographs of the 1960s and 1970s. As he scanned his pages, he saw the life of a man unfold infont of his eyes. It was a treasure of memories and emotions. Oli knew it had to go back to his owner.

He could not find anything in the album that would help him locate the owner, so he was not sure how he could find that person. Luckily he came up with a great idea! Posted on Facebook this: “OK Facebook … I have a challenge for you …” and uploaded some photos from the album.

His post has received almost 37,000 notifications! 48 hours later, Hollie Douglas who had seen the photos contacted Olie   . He recognized the man in photograph – he was her father, Noel Douglas! Noel had lost the album for a long time while moving. But the good news is that he still lived in London and so arranged to meet the next day. Noel had lost all hope of finding the album and was excited to have it back after all these years!

“I’m really excited. It’s fantastic. I thought I would never see these photos again! In this era of digital media it is easy to forget that there was a time when the precious memories were kept in albums. It is good to know that there are people like Oli out there who understand how valuable a treasure is such an album.

Thanks to him, my daughter can now see her grandmother’s face and I’ve regained an important part of my life again, “Noel says excitedly.