A women-only channel breaks taboos in Afghanistan

A new television network dedicated to women is about to start broadcasting in Afghanistan, the first of its kind in a country whose media industry, like many other sectors of society, continues to be male, reports Reuters.
Zan TV will begin broadcasting on Sunday and its staff will be purely female – presenters and producers – selected after a popular campaign through social media and street signs Of Kabul.

Female news presenters appear regularly on many Afghan television networks, but what is an innovation is a whole TV station for women.
His arrival underlines the fact that behind the daily stories of violence against women, changes are taking place in Afghanistan even though they are often slow and incomplete.

“I am very glad that this TV station was created for women because there are women in our society who do not know their rights,” says 20-year-old Katia Ahmadi, producer at the TV station.
“This station therefore represents the women and we are working to hear the voice of women in order to defend their own rights.”

Media Entrepreneur and Zan TV founder Hamid Samar said he is betting on the possibly crowded female audience in large cities like Kabul who is thirsty for information and conversation that reflects its own experiences.