Woman tried to poison another woman who looked like her to steal her identity

A Russian woman resident of Brooklyn, USA, is accused of poisoning a woman with cheesecake who looked like her to steal her identity and other assets. 42-year-old Victoria Nasirova is accused of attempted homicide, burglary, assault and other charges and was arrested last March.

Prosecutors say that Nasirova visited the home of another Russian woman, who looked very much like her in Queens in 2016 with a cheesecake in which she had poured tranquilizers. They also report that the 35-year-old victim ate the cheesecake, got sick and faint. She was found the next day in her bed, unconscious, with pills scattered around her, as if she was supposed to commit suicide.

The victim later found out that her passport, her work card, her gold ring and cash had disappeared.

Nasirova is facing a prison term of up to 25 years if convicted.