Woman Shelby Smith lost six fingers and two toes after fighting with virulent strep throat infection

Many of us avoid visits to the doctor knowing that this is the worst thing that we can do to our selves. We do not only do it for the costs, but do not find it so necessary. A visit to the doctor, probably might had saved Shelby Smith from the loss of her fingers on both the hands and the feet.

The 27-year old Shelby, is from Tennessee and usually gives the image of a healthy person. Doing yoga, she believes in natural healing and rarely gets sick. So when faced with a bad case of her neck, she first waited to see if the symptoms will pass.

Unfortunately for Shelby, her condition deteriorated rapidly. After the fever reached 40 degrees Celsius her toes and her hands began to darken, Shelby’s boyfriend called an ambulance and she was transferred to a nearby hospital.

Shelby probably would have died. The simple case of pain in the neck, got worse in a rot development point all over her body. The doctors had no choice but to remove all the fingers of her right hand and one left, and two toes on one of her legs.

Instead of hating her body now, Shelby says that this loss simply reminds that life gave her a second chance.