Woman lost her two legs and one hand after insect bite

An extreme and shocking incident occurred in Cologne, Germany, where a woman lost her two legs and her left hand after an insect bite! Everything happened when 43-year-old Sonia Kugia, a cleaner in the profession, took the garbage out. It was then that she felt the bite of an insect in her hand:

“I immediately realized a bulge. After I stammered, I began to cry and freezing. My colleague called an ambulance, “she said to Express.

Immediately she was transferred to a hospital in Frechen, where a doctor told her to leave after an examination. Her husband Andy, seeing her in an awkward state, thought it inconceivable: “When Sonia was on the corridor, she was vomiting and did not look good.”

Upon returning home, the symptoms of the unfortunate woman became worse, so she went back to the hospital (another one this time) where she fell into a coma. It has been found that the bite of the insect led to infection with streptococcus and the condition deteriorated, leading to sepsis.

It is not clear whether the infection was due to the bite or due to the scratching that followed. “You could see that her body members were dying, her arms and legs twirling,” her husband said. In the end, her life was saved, but they had to mutilate her legs and her left hand.

“If you have strange symptoms, you should go straight to a doctor. I could not imagine what could happen. I accepted it quickly, and I thought “I have survived, I am still here. I learned how to appreciate life again, “she said.

Finally, according to RT, the incident took place in mid-March, but the news was released this week.