A woman is hardly beaten for allegedly having sex with Chinese and South Korean

Averaging scenes have recently sprung up and are reportedly showing methods of interrogation in North Korea’s detention facilities. As Mirror reported, a woman was arrested by the authorities in the country for allegedly leaving her home country and during her absence she had sex with a Chinese and a South Korean.

So, in the video, the alleged North Korean security investigator, after persistently asking the woman to admit her “crime,” attacks her with shocking brutality, hitting her head against the wall, lifting her up by her hair, In the video when he tries to make her drown with a rope that is passed on her neck. Also the investigator during the “lawful process” kicks the unlucky woman on the face with power.

At the end of the same video, a man tied up in a chair would accept the police’s “treatments” for an unknown case so far. And all this at a time quite tense, especially between the US and North Korea, after the death of a US student who had been held for months in the country and arrived in a state of coma in the United States.