Woman got stabbed by a serial masturbator on subway

A New Yorker, who remains anonymous, fell asleep at the metro at 2:00 at dawn to wake up and see a man facing her and masturbating. Reggie Frank was masturbating by looking into her eyes and the woman stood up and asked him to stop it.

Unfortunately the suspect was equipped with a knife and a pepper spray and would soon had a fight. The woman was stabbed in the hand, but managed to get the knife and injure him on his arm and chest. Both were transferred to Brooklyn Hospital for first aid.

As her sister said to the “New York Daily News”, a passenger finally helped her escape the attack of the man, who in the court said he was a victim and not a perpetrator!

56-year-old Reggie Frank has been convicted again for public masturbation when in 2015 got him self masturbating twice over three weeks in front of women in the New York Metro. And he has two more convictions for the same reason since 2006.