A woman gives birth to twins while she has no idea she was pregnant

One night, Claire Evans gave childbirth even though she did not know she was pregnant. But that was not the only surprise. When she was 19, Evans woke up one morning with a strange pain in her right hand and could not even lift a small object.

Her mother took her for exams to the doctor and her doctor told her the bad news. Evans had multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a condition that disrupts the connection between the brain and the nervous system. It is also an unpredictable disease that has no cure. Evans was crushed. She was only 19 years old and she could not control her limbs. Months later, after several visits to various doctors, she eventually returned to her job.

Evans felt she would never find a boyfriend who wanted to be next to her and she had to accept the fact that she could not make her own family. But at some point, she met Paul Whalley in her job and the two fell in love immediately. They started to go out and Evans felt in much better. In a few months, her cure was in full recession.

Four years later, she brought a healthy baby into the world. But then, in 2005, without warning, MS returned. Suddenly, Evans lost the sense of the right side of her body. She felt she received the worst news she could ever get, but this time she would not be alone. She had Whalley next to her as she was in a wheelchair and spent most of her time in bed.

Her menstrual cycle changed and saw a spot every month, but she believed that this change was due to the medication she was taking. But after about eight months, Evans woke up in the middle of the night with a tremendous pain. He got up to the bathroom and realized she was bleeding.

“Paul!” She shouted as she went to the toilet. “I think I’m giving birth!”

It turned out to be exactly what she suspected. As Paul ran into the bathroom, Evans gave birth to a baby. She took her in her hands and, surprised, she said, “she’s a little girl.” The couple was totally shocked – no one had understood that Evans was pregnant. But the best of the story was that Evans still had a big pain, and then Whalley looked down and was shocked. His wife had twins!