A woman in the brand new tattoo of David Beckham

40 tattoos decorating the body of David Beckham and his obsession for them has no end: another came to be added to the “collection” shortly after his son Brooklyn tattoo. Through his personal account on Instagram David Beckham, wanted to do the unveiling of the new tattoo on the tibia, posted a photo on Shamrock Social Club, where his tattoo was designed from the “master” of tattoos.


The Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood is famous for it’s tattoos and has been honored by many representatives of showbiz.David Beckham tattoo depicts a geisha playing flute. In the picture he posted on Instagram characterizes the project as a masterpiece.

It is worth noting that the same tattoo studio designed the tattoos of Beckham Brooklyn. Mark Mahoney, a close friend of David Beckham, is the tattoo artist curated their tattoos. Indeed, Brooklyn wrote characteristic that he feels honored that he designed the tattoo.