The woman born without feet and conquered the world of modeling

“I’m different and this is sexy. I do not need feet to feel attractive. ” These words belong to Kanya Sesser. The woman born without feet and abandoned by her family outside a Buddhist temple in Thailand. Kanya, at the age of five, was adopted by an orphanage in her own country and then moved with her new family to Portland, Oregon.

In Portland, she has enjoyed great love and support from her own people and managed to pursue a successful career in fashion. Her ally, her motto “no legs, no limits” that made her defy every obstacle. In her teens she took photos of sports brands such as Billabong, followed by contracts with underwear companies and swimsuits.

“I like making money out of this. I love being able to show people what beauty means. These photos show my strength, “she says. Despite the fact that she earns enough money from the modelling (about $ 1,000 a day), which happened to happen in her life, this is not her only love and dedication.

Kanya, who began writing a book about her life in 2015, and the journey from the orphanage to happiness, loves surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and sports, and for that reason she has been preparing her participation for years Winter Paralympic Games of 2018 in Pyeongchang.

Finally, in her daily routine and the beauty routine that follows, Kania has previously stated she prefers her natural look and avoids wearing makeup when she does not require photography for fashion.