Man’s Path to Extinction Begins 25 Years from Now: 2040, Study

In the year 2040, if man is still alive, if he can survive, what kind of environment will he contend with?

Climate experts have begun to see the light. The Earth won’t be able to support life at the rate that man has been abusing it. Large amount ofCO2 emissions have become very difficult for the planet to process with it’s dwindling forest cover. Man has to realize that he has only one planet and when it goes so does he.

Last Tuesday, scientists concerned about the climate had a gathering in Paris, the reason for the gathering is the upcoming deadline of a carbon-curbing pact; a pact whose purpose was to show that renewable energy could help stop the planet’s path to disaster.

According to scientists, with Earth’s current greenhouse gas emission rates, the Earth will fall into the danger zone in about 20 to 25 years. Without a drastic change that experts urge, we could possibly be causing our own extinction.

In a meeting with almost 2,000 academics from across the globe, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that “The world is at a critical crossroads.”

The measures taken to limit the world’s warming, such as nations committing to decreasing the world temperature by two degrees Celsius compared to pre-Industrial Revolution levels are failing.

Without drastic changes, the world may become inhospitable to humans, making our continued existence impossible.

Why do nations refuse to cooperate? Because fossil fuels are cheap and their use helps nations prosper. But this is very limited thinking, or perhaps those in charge are old men who aren’t concerned with the future they won’t have to deal with. Whatever the case, those economic gains will mean nothing if our existence ends.