Williams F1 team presented FW-41






The Formula One race is starting to show up gradually. After Haas, yesterday, today Williams presented their own secret, which aims to reach the frame higher than fifth place in 2017 to score manufacturers.

The FW-41 will be the F1 that will be available to the smallest age drivers twin to Grint, that of Lance Strol and Sergei Sirotkin, which apart from HALO, color has no particular differences compared to last year. As for Robert Koumpitsa, he will be the third driver of the British team.

The head of the technical section of Williams, Paddy Lowe, said it worked great to be eliminated to a large extent the lack of aerodynamic load -especially place- the back of the car, which really plagued the team in the past three years. As for the engine, cooperation with Mercedes, which goes so well, continues…