When his wife was dying in the hospital, her husband decided to bring something to her

When his wife was dying in the hospital, her husband decided to bring her something, knowing it would change her mood. She was near the end and knew he had to break the rules and bring something very special hidden inside a bag. This is the story with his own words:

“My wife was in the hospital after a very serious surgery, which after a few days, it seemed as if it did not give the ideal results.” The diagnosis was not good. She could talk, but she did not eat or drank completely based on her serum and painkillers. In a rare moment of absolute clarity, she persuaded me to bring our dog secretly to her room so that she could see it “once more”.

Our dog, Bella, is about 25 pounds of Australian Shepherd, and as it turns out, that fits comfortably in a regular suitcase. I put it in, with the lid open, and put it in the car until we got to the hospital. When we arrived, I “explained” that I would open the zipper in a few minutes and that she could see her mom.

Incredibly, it did not whimper a moment, nor barked. When I passed next to the nurses, I told them I brought some things to make my wife feel more comfortable. No problem, they said. When we entered the room, my wife was asleep.

I opened the suitcase and Bella immediately jumped to bed and lay down on her chest, somehow avoiding the tubes and the serum. She was at a point where she could look directly into my wife’s eyes, and she was completely immobile when about twenty minutes later, my wife woke up and began to resent the pain.

Bella immediately began to lick her and quietly whimpered, as if she knew the barking would reveal us. My wife hug her for almost an hour, smiling all the time. A nurse who has been so moved, promised not to say anything. When my wife remembered, I put Bella back in his suitcase and turned home My wife unfortunately died a few days later, and now, every time I catch the suitcase (or any suitcase) Bella thinks that we’re going to visit her.