Widow sees the face of her dead husband in the man who transplanted his face

Lili Ross’s meeting with Andy Sandnes is one of the strangest things that sometimes brings fate to some people. Sixteen months after he entered the surgery to transplant a man’s face, the man met the woman who had once loved that person. Caues it was the face of her husband.

So, basically, Sandnes got a face thanks to Ross’s decision to make a donation her beloved’s face so that a man who had lived ten years without it again could get it back.
Sandnes was self-injured with a gun in 2006, leaving him with no face. The restoration operation “sealed” its deformation, and so he was isolated and alienated.

Hope returned when he entered a waiting list on the Mayo Clinic’s transplant program in 2016, and Ross agreed to make a donation to her husband’s face. Kalen Ross also had self-deception and lost his life in 2016, as Sky News writes.

Everything matched with the two men, the ages, the blood group, the skin color, and the facial structure so much that Sandnes Surgeon Samir Mardinie said they could be cousins. Ross had expressed concern about the meeting, afraid that painful memories would awaken her.  Their embrace was accompanied by many tears while Sandnes spent time with her son Leonard.

He said the meeting was very emotionally charged.

You are glad, at the same time you are sad because you know that others have lost someone they loved a lot. More than anything, I feel relieved that I met Lily and Leonard and I thank them, “he tells. “All you can do is prove that they made the right decision in terms of donation.”

“When I meet Andy I felt like closing a chapter because everything was done so fast and it was so difficult,” Ross said.