Why Pele is still in a wheelchair?






The picture of Pele sitting on a wheelchair on the margins of the World Cup 2018 has raised concerns about the state of health of the “king” of world football. The 77-year-old legend of football was invited by Russian President Vladimir Putin to a reception held in the Kremlin. The photos and snapshots of Pele‘s presence in Russia made the round of the world and the concern about the “black diamond” is reasonable.

The truth is that the presidential palace is not considered to be accessible for people with disabilities, as there are many stairs. It was therefore considered appropriate that Pele, who has a mobility problem, should attend a wheelchair escort.

The three-time world champion faces problems from 2015 when he underwent surgery to remedy the problem he was facing in power, and in the same year he was forced to re-operate to decompress nerve roots. Pele has been using a metal walker for the past two years.

His agendas for many top football players of all time, José Fornos, had said that Pele was saying it was “for his new soccer shoes with wheels”.