Why Batman V Superman Is NOT THAT GOOD

Allow us to start this review by saying … WHY?

This was supposed to be the most anticipated battle of our age. Instead, we got two superheroes fighting for a reason that eludes us all. So here’s why Batman V Superman : The Dawn Of Justice was simply no good.

1- Two superheroes are bickering over who gets to save the world (Seriously? can’t Y’all just work together? )

Batman and Superman meet in the streets of Gotham and Metropolis which happen to be neighbor cities (what?) and start arguing. Nothing to see here peeps…

2- The cliche villain 

Luthor dear. Chill! We do not need another manic cliched techy villain to make Ben Affleck look more depressed that he already is.

3- Ben Affleck & Henry Cavill

Sad boy V angry boy fighting for no reason at all and the terrible thing is… nobody wins! That includes Warner bros.

4- The sacrificed appearance of Wonder Woman

Although this might be the only think we like about the movie, we wonder why the glorious appearance was sacrificed in the trailer. Did someone up the chain of command make a mistake?


Much of the film’s failure is in its utter refusal to justify its own existence. We still do not understand “why” …