Who’s replacing Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

House of Cards is coming back for the final season without Kevin Spacey. Netflix on Monday confirmed that its planning to end the services of the streaming series that has to do with the insides of the White House. Ted Sarandos speaking at UBS’ analysts and investors at Global Media and Communications Conference in New York, said that the series House of Cards is going to continue and that the character of Frank Underwood is going to be replaced by Robert Deniro.

Ted Sarantos did not gave a timeline of the release of the new season of the popular series,and only said that the season will have eight episodes after the previous seasons had thirteen episodes. As he said the sixthseason will have a big closure and that the fans of the series shouldn’t be afraid that the series ended.

Documentary director Tony Montana becomes the second man to blame Kevin Spicey for sexual assault. According to his complaint, the incident happened in 2003 at the Coronet club in Los Angeles. “I went to order a drink and Kevin Spacey came to me and put his hand around me,” says the young director at Radar Online. “He told me to follow him, let us go out of the bar, and then with a strong hand on the crotch, he took the whole package ” Montana said.

As he claims, after this move the actor who was drunk, he turned and said: “This act indicates ownership.” “With my hand I turned his thumb to get his hand,” continues the director. But the actor followed him to the toilet, according to all his claims. “I pushed him and I pulled him out”. He also said that he then asked a friend of Spacey who was with him to get him and leave the club, telling him: “It’s time to get your boy home.”

Montana was close to thirty when the incident happened, and since then the actor has not met again. “I never talked to anyone about it, beyond my psychologist,” he says. He stressed that he had post-traumatic stress for at least six months after he thought he was watching him constantly.

As he said, he eventually decided to speak publicly only after actor Anthony Rapp denounced Spies that he had sexually attacked him in 1986 when he was only 14 years old. A revelation that triggered chain reactions for Speedy. From the public admission of being homosexual, which was a common secret in Hollywood, to the general outcry against him not only for assaulting a minor, but because he tried to blur the waters to cover up his actions and the vicious end of the legendary series ” House of Cards “in which he starred.