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Who said Adam Sandler was dead?


If you went onto Facebook   or Twitter in the last few hours, you might have believed that the comedian and actor had died. Reports circulated that Sadler was found dead in his home on Monday

The report shared his details, claiming the actor committed suicide after battering depression for a long period of time.

But Adam Sandler had not met his death. The reports are believed to emanate from fake new websites designed to fool the internet. Linkbeef was a site which claimed that Adam Sandler’s body was found by the Marin County police in his house.

The site stated that Adam Sandler was famous for films such as The Weeding Singer, Happy Gilmore, Mr. Deeds, 50 First Dates and more others. It continued to state he had been struggling with alcohol and he had just returned to rehabilitation center to seek some help.

The report had a fake quote from Sandler’s wife,  asking for privancy and stating that she was “heartbroken”.

. Though there were viewers who could not believe the story, other believed that Adam Sandler had commited suicide and took to twitter and Facebook to share their sorrow.

Why do site love killing famous people?   Time and again, we wake up to the news of celebrities disappearing all of sudden. The latest death hoax on internet involve Hollywood actor Adam Sandler.  Linkbeef, reportedly a fake website, put up an article claiming the Sandler is dead. But fear not, the comedian and actor is very much breathing and not dead as claimed.

It is plainly irresponsible for media platform to put up such untrue stories.  Just few weeks ago, iconic artist Rowan Atkinson, also known as Mr. Bean was reported dead. The British actor had also fallen prey to death hoax. Right now, we can only confidently claim that both actors are extremely okay.