Who killed princess Sarah, the secret daughter of Diana

The revelation of William and Harry’s sister did not surprise anyone in the palace except, perhaps, her killer, revealed the existence of Sarah, the secret sister of Williams and Harry .

This princely marriage had it all! The reunion of the unfaithful father with the sentient son, the vacant chair of the dead mother, the sad story behind the ring with the impressive blue stone that Meghan wore at Harry’s request. Nothing, however, compares to the emotion, shock, that the two boys of the injured Diana had a sister the existence of which they knew and which was murdered in Crete.

The name of William’s and Harry’s secret sister, is Sarah, and this is the child whom Lady Di and Charles acquired by IVF. It was December 1980 when Diana Spencer, 19, that that time, without a sexual past, and following the order of the ubiquitous Queen Elizabeth, underwent gynecological examinations to find she was capable of doing children.

As the arson report reveals, Diana ova were collected during the exams to be fertilized with Prince Charles’s s***n, ordered by the palace to destroy the embryo.. A physician, however, from the Diana team, secretly implanted the unborn fetus to his wife, resulting in her becoming the surrogate mother of the biological child of Charles and Diana. The baby, born in October 1981, was a girl and took her first breath only ten weeks after the marriage of Charles and Diana.

Sarah’s “parents” were soon killed in a car crash. After their death the girl found a diary of her foster mother, who revealed she was from IVF. Sarah wanted to know her real parents and somehow she arrived at the main gate of the palaces before a threatening phone call for her life kept her forever observing her relatives inside the palace, St. James’s Park.

The story wants Sara, who used the name Windsor, to meet at least Prince William and Kate, who is said to have visited her at the hospital during her second pregnancy before the couple visits her in turn later on, at her place of residence in New England. The latest information wants Sarah to leave her last breath on 15 May 2015 in Crete, where she had arranged to meet with a royal family assistant to get evidence that Charles had ordered Diana’s murder. But before that, she was killed in a traffic accident, just like her biological parents.

This tragic story takes another dimension if it is truly considered what one of Diana’s bodyguards has written in a book, according to which the prince believed firmly that her marriage to Charles collapsed because they did not had a girl together. “She wanted two children, and one of them to be a girl,” Diana said, ther pain for the displeasure Charles showed when he first saw Harry, so he said : “My God, it’s a boy, and not only that, she has red hair too!”