When their dog did that they were surprised

In our world there are not only people with special gifts but also animals! This dog is the proof! Sandy is a 4 year old girl who suffers from Down Syndrome and Type 1 diabetes. In order to manage her condition her family got a specially trained Labrador, Hero, who could feel when blood sugar levels of Sandy was worryingly low or high.

As the Hero proved, he was a real hero. In addition to being immediately the best friend of the girl, she could always smell when Sandy had trouble with her sugar and then notify her parents. “I held my hands and said,” What’s wrong? “When she would touch my left hand her sugar level was low. When she would touch my right hand with her nose, the sugar levels had fallen worrying, “said Michelle, Sandy’s mother.

Hero’s talent, was a real blessing for Sandy and her family. And one day, this particular dog saved the life of the little girl. Sandy was at school and Hero was with Michel at home. From home to school is a distance of 8 km.
Suddenly, the usually calm dog began to cry and scream loudly.

“It’s usually a very quiet dog. It is not accustomed to whining and barking. Whenever is barking, she almost immediately stops, “Michelle said. That day, however, the Hero did not stop, which made Michel understand that something was going on. That something was wrong with her daughter. Michelle thought the hero behaved like this because she felt a problem with Sandy’s sugar.

But how did she understood it while her daughter was not even at home? To be sure about it, she decided to call her daughter’s school. She spoke to her teacher, Kimberly Stoneman, and asked her to check on the sugar of Sandy. A few minutes later her teacher told her that blood sugar levels had dropped dramatically.

“It’s more dangerous when sugar levels drop,” Michel explained. “He could fall into a diabetic coma right away. She could even die if this situation remained fairly. ” But thanks to Hero, this was avoided. Something that until now no one can explain.

Sandy’s parents took the Hero from a diabetic, Mrs. Owens, who trains dogs and then gives them to people who need them. Mrs Owens argues that dog training to smell changes in blood sugar is relatively easy. But what the hero did, from so far, was something that never happened again in the past.

How did it do that? “I can not explain it. Only God knows. I think it’s like the mother’s intuition. These dogs have abilities and senses that we can not understand. That is why we are grateful to have this dog at our house. It has saved our daughter many times and continues to do so, “said Sandy’s dad to come up with: “I think Hero is an angel who came to our house to look after our daughter, our own angel.”