What’s the Deal with Elder Scrolls VI Rumors?

Gamer geeks and nerds alike are having the time of their lives speculating and theorizing about the new ‘Elder Scrolls VI’. some are positive it’ll be an all-out different new version, while others think it’ll be a new take on ‘Skyrim’.

Well, dudes, Bethesda aren’t helping you out on this one! Choosing to remain vague, all we have are rumors that say they’re busy on a few major games this year, hinting at one being the new ‘Elder Scrolls VI’, and going the extra mile to completely lose us by saying that another project looks a lot like the remastering of ‘Skyrim’ for Xbox One and PS 4.

However, knowing Bethesda, whatever they’re working on would definitely be worthy of an E3 w017 showing… that’s absolutely no secret to anyone. Their VP of PR and Marketing has made a few comments on the issue, saying that it’s a far fetch that ‘Elder Scrolls VI’ will be coming out soon as it isn’t even in development at the moment. He said that Bethesda values quality over quantity, and that whatever game comes out will be on a very large caliber.

Well… we hope that ‘value for quality’ gets them to fix up some of the bugs they always seem to have… don’t you?