What’s the big secret that Meghan Markle is hidinng about her ex-husband?










An American actor and a charming European prince have fallen in love. It looks a bit like seeing an old romance showbiz in repetition – isn’t it? But anyway, repetition is not a bad thing. Rather. According to the British tabloids, “Naughty Prince Harry” – just fifth in the succession of the English throne  is a couple with Meghan Markle, the actress of the “Suits” series. The two of them met last May in Toronto at a dinner party where Harry was found to promote Invictus Games, the sporting event for members of the armed forces who were injured in the battlefield.

Harry,  as he said  was “seduced” by the young actor and “bombarded” herself with messages to convince her for a day out. Assuming it was successful, since, ever since, Meghan has traveled at least twice to London to visit him – one in June and one in July. In fact, according to an Express report, during her stay there she was hosted at Kensington Palace and met with Duke and Cambridge duchess, William and Kate. “They really liked each other,” says the same source.







As a matter of fact, the 35-year-old actress began following 32-year-old prince Harry in his private social media accounts, and soon began to upload to her blog, The Tig (a lifestyle blog that uploads posts about food, travel, fashion, beauty, etc.) photos from London. Among them a “click” outside Buckingham Palace. The are also rumors about her ex-husband that are saying that Meghan’s divorce was a nightmare! It has also been emerged that Meghan may have still been with her ex-boyfriend of two years, Canadian chef Cory Vitiello when she first met Harry and he began pursuing her.