What does a queen eats? The Elizabeth menu

Large tables, expensive crockery, imposing chandeliers, high gastronomy. What else somwone could imagine the atmosphere in which Queen Elizabeth dines in Buckingham? You might imagine of the  opulence and luxury, but, admittedly, it’s simpler than you might imagine and very very very classic. She has an opinion on everything cherished habits, obsessions to food combinations and … oddities. According to chef of the royal family, Mark Flanagan, prepares twice a week a proposed menu which delivers to the Queen and she in turn selects or clears the dishes. Even the Queen of England, despite the 90 years beyond tea, drinks and alcohol! And even on a daily basis.

Queen Elizabeth begins the day with a porcelain cup of hot tea Earl Grey (without milk or sugar) and biscuits. After consuming cereal and fruit. Sometimes selects toast and jam or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffle . Her lunch  is simple and includes for example fish with vegetables, preferably tongue with spinach and zucchini. Sometimes chooses chicken grilled with salad, while her basic rule rice, potatoes and pastais  are forbidden . For dinner she chooses fillets of beef or venison, pheasant or salmon. The meat is served with mushroom sauce, whiskey and cream. The dessert includes strawberries from Balmoral sweet white peaches from Windsor Castle. The Queen loves chocolate (and chocolate mousse), whether it originates from an exact brand or not. Queen Elizabeth always closes the day with a glass of champagne!