This wedding photo has shocked the internet

The couple from Rochdale married in a moving ceremony in front of relatives and friends in the hospital. The ceremony was organized in less than 24 hours. The gift of a wedding, the organization behind the wedding, confirmed that Kershaw died.

The organization posted on Facebook the following message: “We are very sorry to inform you that Raymond Kershaw has died. Our organization planned this wedding this weekend. Raymond, who had cancer, married his wife, Tracy, in a moving ceremony on Saturday, along with relatives and friends at Rochdale Hospital.

We would like to thank all the vendors who gave up everything so Raymond and Tracy had a special day. ” The organization requested donations for the ceremony, which was originally scheduled for June 2. But Kershaw’s situation worsened, so the wedding was arranged for last Saturday. The organization had very little time at its disposal. Within a few hours, people and businesses offered their donations for the necessary for the ceremony.

Many users of social media have regretted the death of Kershaw. Patricia Harrison, founder of the organization, received last year’s Theresa May Award for her volunteering.
Melissa King, bridesmaid and relative of the couple, said the couple was moved with the generosity of the world. Before Kershaw’s death she had said: “Ray and Tracy knew the cancer was at final stage, so they just wanted to get married.

What made the Gift of a Wedding was incredible. She was on foot hours before marriage to do everything right. I know Ray and Tracy can not quite thank the people for what they did. It is unbelievable how many have donated in such a short time. ” Staff at Greater Manchester Hospitals have again exceeded this month by moving Beatrice Whitehead’s bedside bed next to her 67-year-old husband to spend the last few days together.

Whitehead struggled with bone cancer for 6 years and decided to stop the treatments. A few weeks after he was admitted to hospital, her 90-year-old husband got sick and went to the hospital. Their daughter, Suzanne Hall, said this hospital movement was great.