Watch Tesla space car online






A new era in Space Adventure was launched by Elon Musk with SpaceX when he sent the red Tesla Roadster over there.

NASA was forced to add it to the artificial celestial objects and target it to its telescopes.

So, if you go into the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab system HORIZONS and type in Target Body – change, you will see all the information about Generate Ephemeris related to its space spinning!

As NASA describes it, it’s a “standard Tesla Roadster car with a space-jacked suit, nicknamed” Starman. ”

As for HORIZON, it produces data that allows astronomers to track the orbits of space objects, some “381,106 asteroids, 2,435 comets, 168 planetary satellites, 9 planets, the Sun”, but also spacecraft and other celestial bodies.

If the amateur astronomers follow the instructions, they will actually find it up there, as did the hackers of the Virtual Telescope Project on February 8, when it was “470,000 kilometers from us”.

As the Popular Mechanics even calculated, Tesla will pass back from Earth in 2026, 2031 and 2039, and in October 2020 it will be at his closest distance from Mars …