Watch Mystique, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine in the new X-men: Apocalypse Trailer

This is what we’ve all been waiting for! The trailer for the new X-men: Apocalypse installment is finally released! But wait. Looks like we’ve got a whole new X-team… and yet the same Wolverine that everyone loves!

Or do we?

In the trailer, we find out that there’s a new bad guy in town – En Sahab Nur or Apocalypse – who’s looking to recruit Four Horsemen. And who other than Magneto to make the perfect apocalyptic disciple? We also find out that Xavier’s trying to stop Eric from joining Apocalypse, but Eric’s too depressed having lost his whole family. So… Eric has a family now? We assume he got one in the time between Days of Future Past and the new installment. But who killed his family? One theory is that a very loyal follower of En Sahab Nur killed them to prod Magneto in the right direction aka. to join Apocalypse as a horseman. Who’s the follower? We think it could be Mister Sinister. But nothing’s been confirmed just yet.


Now back up just a little bit. Did we say Wolverine’s back? Well, we think he’s back for just one scene, at least. So Jean Grey (or Sophie Turner or Sansa Stark, whatever you wish to call her) is heard saying “they had help from a friend”, and then we get a teasing flash of shiny claws. So who else could it be? There’s only one dude with those! Well, actually, not really… it could be any other poor dude that Stryker tortured. Oh, didn’t we tell you General William Stryker is back in this movie? So really, he could’ve done this to anyone. And anyway the timeline wouldn’t add-up, seeing as Wolverine wouldn’t have had his skeleton laced with adamantium yet. But here’s another theory. What if this installment which happens after Days of Future Past – and we know Wolverine still had bone claws back then – also coincides with X-men Origins? That would make sense. Stryker is working on Weapon X in this installment, which is the project that transforms Wolverine. So what if the “help” Sansa… euh, Jean – this is getting me confused… – was talking about was Wolverine’s rage after going through the painful transformation. He’s burst out fighting in the lab, and accidentally help the X-men on his way!


Well, we’re just spit balling here. Now we get to Jean Grey. Everyone’s been anticipating Sophie Turner’s role as Phoenix, after playing a very powerful role in the series Game of Thrones. In the trailer, we get a scene where Jean is screaming in outrage and glass seems to be shattering all around her. Could this be her first ‘ascension’ into her mutant alter-ego, Phoenix? There have been rumors going around about the next installment feature a ‘Dark Phoenix’ phase. So, who knows! Anything’s possible!

All we have to do is wait for the premiere on 27 May, and we’ll know!