Skinny Jeans’ Health Risks may be a Tad Overblown

A 35-year old Australian woman outfitted in a skin-tight fitting jeans landed in the hospital after she was discovered sprawled on the ground, unable to walk due to numbness in her feet.

So swollen were her calves, it necessitated her jeans to be cut off since her ankles or toes couldn’t be moved, and had lost feelings in her lower extremities, reported the doctors who attended to the woman.

The case was published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, highlighting the hazards of wearing the new fashion statement of the young — skinny jeans.

Squatting in skinny jeans could result to restricting blood supply to the muscles and nerves of the lower leg, which could lead to swelling, difficulty in walking and impaired sensation, doctors are  saying.

Hours prior to the woman collapse, she was helping a family member move house. Activities involved were prolonged squatting to empty cupboards while wearing skinny jeans.

She was linked to an intravenous drip and after four days, she could walk again.
“The condition could have been caused due to prolonged compression of the muscle and nerve fibers in lower legs while squatting, which her tight jeans had made worse,” the experts on the study said.

The researchers also added, “The jeans had prompted the development of compartment syndrome, reduced blood supply to the leg muscles, causing swelling of the muscles and compression of the adjacent nerves.”
The case of the Australian woman collapse represented a new neurological complication, though,  TOI spoke to Delhi neurologists who said they had previously encountered cases of momentary loss of sensation and numbness in people who wear tight clothes