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Virtual Reality Developers Join the 30th Annual GDC

The dark ages of gaming are coming to an end… soon we will welcome into our midst the majestic reality of, well, virtual reality with the release of high-definition headsets Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

And to celebrate this geeky milestone, the 2016 30th Annual Game Developers Conference will play host for the Virtual Reality Developers Conference for the first time. In short, the conference will combine the coolest, geekiest crowd in history. The conference will be dedicated to VR creators, where they would be able to openly discuss the issues facing this newly emerging medium.

Admittedly, as VR is a new area for developers, it is quite prone to challenges; for instance, questions are circling around how something as simple as wielding a sword in-game would look and feel for the player. But such challenges are welcomed by the developers as they are quite excited to design “normal” things in otherwise “abnormal” scenarios. Survey polls of last year and this year’s GDC have shown that the number of VR developers has doubled from 7% to 16%.

Many, however, remain apprehensive of this shift. About 75% of developers believe that augmented reality is a sustainable business, while 27% don’t think VR will be as welcome by the public when compared to the popularity of modern gaming consoles; hence, developers are still incapable of measuring the rate of mass adoption when it comes to VR.

The retail prices for VR headsets is by no means encouraging – when compared to the average gaming geek’s monthly allowance – starting with $ 600 for the Oculus Rift and up to $ 800 for the Vive. Not to mention that these headsets require quite he heavy duty PCs to function!