Viral video of Donald Trump shoving Montenegro’s prime minister!

US President Donald Trump has come to the forefront of the international scene in Brussels, literally pushing Montenegrin leader to the NATO Summit. The video, with a few seconds long, clearly shows Trump, among a group of other leaders, to push Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and then lay his jacket as he goes to the front line closer to NATO Secretary General Ges Stoltenberg .

Markovic smiles somewhat awkwardly.These images were viral on the internet. However, White House spokesman Sons Spier, when asked about Trump shoving at Markovic, said he had not seen the video but assumed that the president was going to get his predetermined position.Montenegro’s mission to NATO, a country that has decided to join the North Atlantic Alliance despite Russia’s intense reactions, has not responded to a request by the Reuters agency to comment on the issue.

Montenegro will officially become a member of NATO (the 29th country) in June.In addition, during the “family photograph” of the leaders, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trident encouraged his counterparts to greet the cameras. Some followed his example, but Trump did not raise his hand. The American president smiled slightly for a few seconds, but for the rest he kept his completely serious tone.