Viral video that cost his life

They were creating pranks and various stupid videos and uploading them to a YouTube channel in order to become viral worldwide. Only their latest attempt not only did not become viral but ended in a tragedy. A YouTube wag from Minnesota, US, confessed before the court that she was shooting her partner while filming a video that they hoped would become viral.

20-year-old Monalisa Perez told police officers that she was shooting at a short distance, targeting a book held by Pedro Ruiz III on June 26th. She also said she hoped the bullet would remain in the book. But  it was nailed to 22-year-old Ruiz’s chest.

Perez was accussed last Friday before the court, according to the BBC.

Their previous videos included Ruiz falling from a tree or diving in a pool from the roof of a house. In a tweet she wrote a few hours before the fatal incident, Perez said she and Ruiz “will make one of the most dangerous videos they have ever done.”

Perez later told police officers that Ruiz had persuaded her to participate, showing her other books he had shot and the bullet had been nailed to.