Video with deadly knockout in boxing match

A tragic incident happened in a UFC fight when former fighter Tim Hague lost his life after repeated knockdowns and eventually after a fatal hit he died in the ring. The incident happened last Friday.

Hague was hurried to the hospital after the knockout where he had to do surgery to reduce pressure on the brain after the injury, but soon after he was brain-dead.

According to foreign media and on boxing issues, Hague had knocked out in his previous fight just two months before this fight. This time is not enough to return as it is less than the minimum allowed.

Also, based on some of the video scrnes of the game that has been released, Hague has received a lot of knockdowns in the first round, but the referee did not interrupt the battle as he owed and the second round came to an end. The announcement was made by Hauge’s sister, saying that “with tremendous sadness I announce that Tim left life. His family was with him until the last minute. Until he left, he listened to his favorite songs.