Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin wins America’s Got Talent

Paul Zerdin, the London born ventriloquist and entertainer has emerged victorious by winning in the final of the talent show event ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Mr Zerdin, who will now pocket £645,120 in winnings ( roughly one million dollars ) and gets his own residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, said that the victory is “the most amazing feeling” and Zerdin warmly thanked show voters for helping him win season ten of the long running entertainment talent show.

In a Vine video clip posted on the America’s Got Talent twitter feed Paul Zerdin sincerely thanked the American public for voting for him.

America’s Got Talent, on which Spice Girl Mel B is a judge, is a talent show by Simon Cowell’s Syco Television that offers talented individuals the opportunity to showcase their abilities to a wide television audience.

Zerdin first performed as a magician on the BBC’s  show ‘Tricky Business’ before following up with that to host ‘Rise And Shine’ for British breakfast show GMTV. Zerdin was first inspired to go into ventriloquism a a good decade earlier when a family friend provided him with a puppet theater, using this he put on entertainment shows at the young age of ten.

Of his ventriloquism skills Paul has previously stated: “The real turning point was when I was given a book on ventriloquism by the legendary Ray Alan. By the time I hit my teens I was spending half an hour a day in front of the mirror practicing talking without moving my lips.”

Historically, ventriloquism was a religious practice. The name actually comes from the Latin for to speak from the stomach, i.e. venter (belly) and loqui (speak). It is a spoken art form of sorts that has become popular in entertainment and main stream media, talent shows such as America’s Got Talent allow talented ventriloquists like Paul Zerdin to exhibit his skills to a very wide audience.

Paul Zerdin can expect to experience a heavy demand in bookings and future interest off the back of his win and this will commence with the upcoming show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Scottish performer Stevie Starr – known as the Professional Regurgitator – came fourth in the talent competition, while another British magician John van der Put who was performing as Piff the Magic Drago – also made the top ten finalists.

Source: Telegraph