Vehicle without driver but with eyes

Jaguar Land Rover has created two-eye-free cars that are used to “communicate” with pedestrians on when it is safe to cross the road in front of them. So far, the original vehicle is in a test stage in England and the eyes at the front give it a different and more friendly face.

Jaguar Land Rover points out that as car drivers come in contact with pedestrians to allow them to cross the road safely, this same unmanned vehicle is working in the same way. These unusual cars are part of a series of tests carried out by Jaguar Land Rover’s Future Transport Department, which explores how people can be encouraged to trust cars that go on their own.

However, according to statistics from the American Automobile Association, people do not seem to feel safe as pedestrians when they share the road with “smart vehicles” without a driver. Jaguar Land Rover works with psychologists in these tests as it tries to understand how original vehicles can improve human confidence in new technologies.

Original vehicles without a driver are expected to reduce the number of road accidents, says the British government, which unites businesses, local authorities and academic institutions to bring state-of-the-art technology to the country.

Strange cars look directly at pedestrians in an effort to make them feel safe while crossing the road.