US sends a second aircraft carrier at North Korea

The US Navy sends USS Ronald Reagan to the open sea of the Korean Peninsula, where it will conduct drills with the USS Carl Vinson, which is in the sea area, accompanied by a squadron of American Navy escorts, CNN reported.

This development follows the recent North Korea missile test run at Sunday morning, achieving successful controlled missile re-entry into the lower earth’s atmosphere instead of falling into the sea, as demonstrated by the preliminary analysis of the data collected by the secret services of the United States.

The second US aircraft carrier departed from its base in Yokosika, Japan, on its way to the Korean Peninsula, completing its technical maintenance and a period of operational testing, according to sources from the US Navy. “As it was for a long period of steady and under maintenance at its base, we have to be sure both Ronald Reagan and his escort ships can be operational to carry out their mission,”. issued by the US Maritime Administration.

After arriving in the Marine Corridor off the Korean Peninsula, the aircraft carrier will carry out a series of training exercises, focusing on the operational exploitation and discharges and propulsion of the aircraft it carries. At the same time, it is expected that the second aircraft carrier will replace the USS Carl Vinson in the area after the expiration of its mission.

USS Ronald Reagan is a Nimitz class, with a crew of 4,539 men, carrying about 60 fighter jets. The reported vessel was launched in 2003, with construction costs reaching $ 8.5 billion.