The US anti-missile system in South Korea is ready

Ready to be used is the advanced and controversial Thaad anti-missile system developed in South Korea, as the US military has announced. US Armed Forces spokesman Rob Maning said the system is now ready to stop missiles from North Korea and provide a defensive shield to the South.

Officials, however, reported the BBC that full operational readiness is only a few months away. Tensions have been staggered recently on the Korean peninsula, with repeated threats from North Korea and the presence of American warships and a submarine.

Yesterday, two US bombers participated in joint junior highways with South Korean aviation and the US talking about routine drills. Thaad was developed last week in the Seongju area, a venue that used to be a golf course, causing angry reactions.

Many locals believe the system may be a potential target for attacks and jeopardize the lives of local residents. Protests also came from China, as Beijing believes the radar range of the system may be involved with the security of its own military operations.